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08-03-2008, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by BDubinskyNYR17 View Post
if something happens tomorrow like dawes and prucha to hawks for havlat im gonna puke remember rangers were intrested in havlat a few times.
If Rangers could fit Havlat under the cap, I would do that deal in a heartbeat. I think Prucha is only as good as his linemates are. If he scores a goal, its because someone set him up for it...I don't think Prucha is capable of creating offense by himself. Maybe he did in the past but I've honestly forgotten about him as a player. People say he needs the minutes to be successful but doesn't every player need the minutes? At least players like Orr, Betts, Sjostrom, etc. are useful with the minutes they're given. Prucha has become a waste, imo. He needs a change in scenery because I don't think NY is doing him well anymore...

As for Dawes, I like him. I like Dawes a lot. I'm usually skeptic about smaller players but Dawes has really proved me wrong. He CAN create offense by himself, he doesn't fall down like a ton of bricks every time he gets hit, he knows where to go to get that shot, etc. Dawes is a useful player to keep but I think Havlat is 10x better. I would LOVE if the Rangers acquired a player like Havlat. (Zherdev?) I might be biased because I like flashy players (Gaborik, Ovechkin) but Havlat is vvery talented. He is injury prone but I'd bet that if Havlat and Prucha/Dawes were given the same amount of minutes/linemates, Havlat would produce much more.

I would be very happy if the Rangers got somebody like Havlat. JMO.

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