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06-15-2004, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Kodiak
And then the trade brings back next to nothing because there are so many quality goalies out there nowadays. Kiprusoff brought back a 2nd rounder, as did Cechmanek. Luongo brought back a young 2nd liner in Mark Parrish (Kvasha and Jokinen could cancel each other out at the time -- big, underachieving enigma for big, underachieving enigma). Parrish isn't a bad return, but Luongo was considered the best goalie prospect in the world and had NHL and AHL experience under his belt. If, for example, Pitkanen or Staal were traded, do you think they would return a youngish 2nd liner?
Well, the Islanders situation is a bit different because they had Luongo and took DiPietro. They FORCED themselves into to trade Luongo. The NYR have no Luongo, they have some goalies with nice potential, but with question marks. In addition, no one expects Montoya to come and play next year - like DiPietro faced by being #1 overall. I referenced the Islander situation simply to point out that teams will trust in their scouts and take the best available. Does it pan out all the time? Of course not, but it still has to be done.

Kiprusoff brought a 2nd rounder and really he was not considered a guaranteed TOP player when that trade was made.... He surprised most people with the consistency of his play. And Chechmanek - well, a 2nd for him was a lot. There's a goalie not only with holes in his game, but who's teamates in Philadelphia hated him,

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