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Originally Posted by FerrisRox View Post
Again: Look at yourself.

You "hate" people that act like their the ****, yet at the same time you think it's okay for you - based on your personal opinion of that person - to 'start being rude" to them; which sometimes escalates into a fight.

The behaviour you are describing is that of a jerk, and some who thinks it's up to them to "police" the world and give those guys who think their the ***** their comeuppance.

Somehow, you're failing to see that by you acting that way, you yourself are exactly what you claim you hate.
I disagree. I'm a jerk for being rude to someone who's a jerk to me? If not being a push-over is being a jerk, then fine, I'm a jerk, but we seem to have definitions of that word. I don't act like the people I don't get along with. When I meet someone I've never met, I don't act like a ****, but I hate when people do it, and what I'm trying to explain is..when someone's a ****, I start being a **** to them, and sometimes that quickly escalates into a fight, and I'm trying to stop that by happening, but not to the point where I'm just gonna be taking ****.

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