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Working out helps me, or writing, just remember that punching bricks will break your fists.

Originally Posted by StlRams514 View Post
I don't understand why people decide to fight... Once you reach 12 you should be grown up enough to know that fighting is simply retarded.
If someone pisses you off, just ignore them... It's really not that hard. I have not seriously hit anyone since I was 10 years old.
Trust me, I've had situations where I would've liked to knock someone out, but I restrained myself.
Here's an example: A few weeks ago, I had the unpleasant honour of seeing my brother. It was at a small party being held at my grandparents' house. Anyways, my brother being the prime wigger he is, decided to bring along a friend. Note that the entire family hates this child (they're both 16, and I'm 18). Anyways, for some reason or another, all of the adults decide to go get something at the store, leaving me alone with my brother and his friend.
I decided I'd rather not spend the time in the company of my brother and his friend, so I went and had a seat on the deck beside the pool, shut my eyes, and tried to fall asleep. About 15 seconds later, I hear the screen door slide open, and, knowing who it is, I keep my eyes shut and ignore the two of them. They sit down beside me and start firing off some of the most annoying, insulting ,and disgusting questions... My brother's friend then goes ahead and says, "what colour is your girlfriend's vagina hair?" I love my girlfriend to death, and to hear anyone say/ask something about her in a disgusting manner drives me nuts and cause the most intense reactions from me.
So, I opened my eyes, looked at the child, and told him, very slowly, "You should consider yourself lucky that I have the self restraint that I do, because if I was anyone else, your head would be coming out of your ass right now."
That doesn't mean they stopped though... Oh no... They kept on going, and from that point on I decided, I'd be a rat. I'd be the d-bag who gets them in crap. So, I took out my cell phone very discreetly, opened the audio recorder and placed the phone on my lap. They went at it for another 5 minutes before everyone got back.
I had told them several times during their whole 'discussion' that I'd be ratting on them, but they just kept on going. So, just as my mother walks in, I smile and say, "these two had some really nice words about my girlfriend". I told her about the whole pubic hair thing and they blatantly denied it. Of course, I planned to let them deny it as long as possible and then pull out the recording. Which I promptly did.
Let's just say, my brother is no longer welcome in my grandparents' or my mother's house
So, allllll this goes to say... There's no reason to hit anyone, just get them in trouble in a way that's comical for yourself.
That's awesome, I remember when I went to Montreal there was a lot of white wiggers in the neighborhood.

Anyways, they're some positions where you just have to fight, my uncle was put in one of those positions. It was basically his life or the other guys and he took action. With some people they have no other way of getting around things or solving problems, they thrive off anger and all, so you have to fight fire with fire.

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