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08-04-2008, 02:55 AM
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Originally Posted by StlRams514 View Post
I had told them several times during their whole 'discussion' that I'd be ratting on them, but they just kept on going. So, just as my mother walks in, I smile and say, "these two had some really nice words about my girlfriend". I told her about the whole pubic hair thing and they blatantly denied it. Of course, I planned to let them deny it as long as possible and then pull out the recording. Which I promptly did.
Let's just say, my brother is no longer welcome in my grandparents' or my mother's house
So, allllll this goes to say... There's no reason to hit anyone, just get them in trouble in a way that's comical for yourself.
Being a sneaky rat to your little brother is more mature than punching him? the older, more mature brother, instead of trying to set an example for him, or at the very least yelling at him and his twit underhandedly embarrass him to the point where his own grandmother is now disgusted at the sight of him, causing him to now harbor a deep resentment to you?

Wow. Not a story to be proud of. And what's with your mother? I've said some truly disgusting things in my youth, but if my mother ever heard them(she heard enough) I would still be forgiven because I'm her flesh and blood. Christ, that's terrible.

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