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Originally Posted by True_Canadiens View Post
I received an interesting message from Kafka. So obviously theres a lot of french people on this board and we can't speak french (this is a fact and I don't want to start a fight). So thats what he's saying:

Depuis le 31 décembre 2007, je n'ai plus écris un seul message sur les forums de hfboards, et je contacte chaque annonceur du Québec sur hfboards à cet effet. On nous force à nous exprimer en anglais sous prétexte que les annonceurs veulent des visiteurs anglophones, mais les habitants du Québec reçoivent des pubs... en français.

Ton sondage démontre qu'il y a une majorité de francophones qui visitent ce forum, et qu'il serait donc normal que l'on puisse utiliser le français. Ceci dit, j'ai utilisé à 98% l'anglais ici. Le seul fait de me faire interdire une chose m'incite à vous laisser.

P.S.: Tu peux poster mon message dans ton sondage si tu veux.

Like I said I dont want to ****ed anything but I think he's right. If we can't can't speak french cause of the sponsors (witch is a good reason imo) why do we received ads in french?
HFBoards is a private organisation. As a private organisation, they have the right to enforce any rules they may wish, even those that don't make any sense, are downward stupid, or are impossible to respect. So any argument regarding the "right" of french speaking poster to write in french because they are in a majority here is nonsensical; HFBoards isn't a democracy.

There are plenty of other french-speaking hockey boards on the internet, and if one really wish to write about the habs in french, one is free to register to one of these boards.

Obviously, nothing can stop any poster for submiting a petition to the board's owner, asking them to change their stance on the use of french. It has never worked in the past, and I don't think it's going to work now, but hey, nothing can stop you from trying.

As for why we are receiving french ads, my bet is that these ads are linked by IP.

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