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Originally Posted by BobbyFischer View Post
I agree with TheDamned.

I have the money now so I bought a Stealth muscle car with a nice GM 3.8L series II supercharged V6

If you want torque you gotta go american.. the americans know how to have fun y0

that 3800 series super charged engine is a good engine.

buick regal"gs" and the Bonneville's both come with that supercharged engine.for example a stock "gs" buick regal 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds 240 hp and there was another super charged model that pushed out 300 hp stock.

you can surprise the crap out of alot of people with adding a few hundred to 1000 in mods puts the car easily into the mid 13 high 12 bracket and have the ultimate "sleeper" car , and alot of people dont know it. its funny to see the 4 door "grocery getters" beat a mustang .

regals you always see them go cheap .

pontiac grand prix "gtp" and "gtx" are supercharged with that 3800 engine and bone stock are pretty sassy too . the gtp is 240 hp and the "gtp" is 300 horsepower stock . So quite easy to have yourself into the 300 plus hp heading towards 400 hp and for very little money, by just simply changing up the pulley on the super charger from the stock 3.8 inch to a smaller 3.4 and you gain an extra 35 horsepower.the pulley cost $25-30 bucks .

add on a cold air induction system you will get another 8-10 hp

spend 70 to 100 dollars and get the "pcm" reprogrammed.Simple easy way to add 15 to 20 more horsepower and add performance

set of headers adds extra horsepower , and even if you just drop your exhaust from the cat converter back when your at the track will give ya an extra 10-15 hp for free.

if you going to start modding up the car and adding more hp id suggest strongly your first mod be that you put a transmission cooler on it prior to changing up the pulley etc.its wise to keep the fluids as cool as you can or risk blowin up something .

anyways watch the little v6 eat the viper
3800 series engine super charged 3,8 liter v6 Grand Prix(BLACK CAR) vs the Viper v10/ 8.0 liter(RED CAR)

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