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Originally Posted by Doctor House View Post
I agree - It's not the people that work hardest that make the most money. I'm 32 and make over $100K and work no more than 45-50hrs a week.

PS: I never went to any fancy school and my family was poor.
I wouldn't say that. People who make money work very hard. But so do support staff. If you are young, you should try to acquire skills that will lead you to the job you like, of course, regardless of salary (though the salary should be decent). That requires a LOT of research into industries, the type of people that work in them, the work culture, the nature of careers/jobs. Being happy in your work has many facets. Every job has something you will like and hate. Professionals try to mold their job around the things they enjoy more and pass off the things they hate to support staff when possible. Don't just settle on something, do a lot of groundwork about who you are and what will make you happy. Do a lot of self-testing. There are many books out there. Or go see a professional to help you.

You should have a Plan A and a Plan B. Work towards your Plan A, but make money in the meantime. Be practical when you go to school. An undergrad degree, if not in business or sciences, is just there to train your brain to read, write, memorize better and to instill values. Blah, blah, blah.

Depending on your level of ability, an admin job should only be a Plan B. Get your university degree though, for sure. It's practically free in Canada. It's amazing that most people don't take advantage of this.

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