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08-05-2008, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
In the most non-dick way possible, why should I give a crap what any of you have to say about the Rangers? Unless you're Brooks, or Zipay, Sam, or JDel, and have inside access to this team, what good are you all to me? We can read your opinions on this message board.
Since you seem to be resistant about blogging, that's sure, most of Rangers fans around the Net, who hold a blog, have nothing to offer you, and I don't think they'll miss you anyway. Of course we're not Weinman or Dellapina since we have not an exclusive access to the team and we are not the first people to spread latest news on the team. But that don't make bloggers meaningless for that reason.

We are just fans who love that team and who find in that new mean of expression blog is, something positive to do. I take my example, to which you'll answer me asap in your next post "but I don't care about your blog bla bla bla...". Well, there are probably not a lot of Rangers fans around here in France, but there are some. And even, there are not so many hockey fans anyway... I bring news or informations on the team to people who won't get them otherwise. And even sometimes they register to the site and give their opinion. And when you are a blogger, to have feedbacks from your readers is a really nice thing, some kind of satisfaction. A feeling you'll probably never know.

So ok, you will tell me my news are not coming hot, served on a tray from the locker room. I don't care. I like that, to play some kind of journalist, even if I'm probably the worst... Giving my opinion on my own site, with my own domain, with nothing to care about what people are saying etc... Blogging is a real experience, you should try. That's really nice to be able to talk/write about almost anything without being hold up. There are a lot of interesting blogs on the net outside the "official" network you mentioned, that give some great thoughts and opinion on NHL, Rangers or whatever team.

My opinion is the blogosphere is growing day after day. All blogs are linked to the others, in one way or another. That mean everyone, Weinman, Dellapina, BlairBettsBLocks or Jeff are forced to improve their blog "skills" day after day. We give our best in the way we can to make things go on. That's why blogs are great. You're not forced to be linked to only one source of information. Everyone gives his opinion. An opinion, I guess that would be quickly forgotten on a forum like this one. And I know after 10+ years of surfing on forums, there's nothing more frustrating than an opinion that is totally forgotten or even not taken in consideration... A blog is a good way to keep a trace.

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