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08-05-2008, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
There are two kinds of bloggers. The first has something interesting to say or has connections or both. The second kind is everyone else who wants to feel like a mini-celebrity and talk about things like, for example, should Prucha be traded. This represents the vast majority.

Blogging isn't a bad thing. I've toyed with having one and even built one but never went anywhere else with it. Perhaps it is because my interests are primarily hockey and film and I already write about film. Perhaps I am too lazy.

Since I have no real connections in the hockey world, the only thing I could offer would be my often contrarian and condescending tones that I struggle to control here, mostly successfully.

There are an awful lot of blogs that offer nothing. There are an awful lot of blogs that are poorly written. The marketplace will weed the bad ones out and the good ones will rise. Even so, anyone expecting to turn a blog into a career should realize that the chances of that happening are probably only slightly better than making it to the NHL.

If you want to become a successful blogger, the two things you'd better be able to do are write creatively and intelligently, and yes, that includes good grammar.
Well said Chosen!

and I'd just like to chime in with the reason why I DO READ PEOPLES BLOGS.
Alot of those big name writers have an agenda that may not coincide with my own. Whether it be fluffy happy articles in order to keep your locker room exclusivity, or a column of constant pissing and moaning because you've found some people are just gluttons for punishments that keep coming back, its almost always about what sells and rarely about the love of the game.
I find when I read blogs from fellow fans I often read stories about things papers wont waste the column inches on and I like that.

To relate to Chosen, let me use film as an example...
I find I rarely enjoy a summer blockbuster as much as I'm expecting to...where as when I get the recommendation to watch some indie I've never heard of, I usually find myself talking about it for weeks!

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