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Originally Posted by Africa. View Post
Any tips to help me control my anger, if anyone's has been or is the same way? I don't know what it is...i'm a nice guy to most people, but when someone gives me an attitude, or an attitude to friends or girlfriends, or just a guy who thinks he's the **** in general, I'm quick to start arguing and shoving and fighting or giving attitude.

Take for I'm at the movies, and I get a text, it was on vibrate so no one could hear, I take it my phone quietly and text back, with my phone next to my knee. This 20 something lady, tells me to turn off my phone in a rude manner, after the movie I look at her and tell her the movie was on the screen and not near my knee. Afterwards, her 300 pound boyfriend wanting to show off, for some reason, feels it's okay to bump into me, probably thinking I was a dumb teen who woudn't do anything about it, so I get angry and kinda shove him, asking him what's his problem, obviously, since he doesn't wanna go to jail for hitting a kid, just walks away calling me a dirtbag. I know you're not suppose to let people walk over you, but my problem is I get angry too quickly.

I'm quick to throw my fists, I've been in quite a few fights in my life, and when I think about it, it's mostly been me who started them, and I've enjoyed it. I've never fought a friend, or someone I knew, it's usually been someone who gave me or friends attitude. I kinda want to start controlling myself better though in those kind of situations, any tips?
Go off on the wrong guy, you'll learn pretty quickly after that.

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