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08-05-2008, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by HF-Addict View Post
Me and my buddies have been buying season ticket for a few years and I've been told they have raised the price this year again ? Some administration fees out of nowhere that never existed before?!

Oh and for the other season ticket holders, any news on the all-star game?

Do we get free tickets (yeah right, one can hope though!) or reserved tickets we can choose to take or no priviledge at all...

$100 admin fee. No biggie all things considered...

The All-Star Game is an "NHL event" and not a Montreal Canadiens event. The last I heard was the NHL has most of (if not all) the lower bowl and Desjardins seats. Canadiens season tickets would have limited access in the upper levels. When I spoke to my rep.. they were not sure how it would all shake out, but a max of 2 tickets... and it would be some sort of lottery where variables could include the price of your seats and/or how long you have had them. So someone who has had Reds for 50 years will have a much better chance than someone whom has had Blues for 2 years. This is not confirmed, but some ideas they were discussing a few weeks ago.

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