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Here you guys go, a really good philosophy on the whole Clandestine mystery. It's pretty long, but it's well worth the read. I aslo added a few of my own perspectives of things at the end of it. Enjoy!

Before Sing The Sorrow came out, AFI released a 10” disk, called “336.” Nobody could figure out why, and it was a bit of a secret. They said that when Singe The Sorrow came out, it’s all be made clear. They dropped a few hints in the meantime. Once while they were upgrading their message boards, they left links to astrology, numerology, and the Chinese zodiac. Another time, they said that “336” wasn’t important, it was just “what comes before.” It came before STS, meaning that STS was “337”, and the real key was to find out what 337 meant.
Also, there were the rabbits. They had posters and such with rabbits on them, and other mentions of rabbits. In the liner notes of STS it says “rabbits are road kill.”
After the release of STS, a short video called “Clandestine” came out. IT had the cd, the film, and a 60 page hardcover book, which was like a big coloured version of the cd sleeve. The books style is of faded worn pages. They’re old and stained….brownish stains, but as you flip through you realize the stains and smudges are actually red. It’s dried blood!
IN the Clandestine film, it starts with Hunter holding a box with the STS logo on it, running through the forest. He looks at a paper, and keeps running. The paper gets dropped, and you can see it says “Room 37 at 3:33.” He runs into a class full of kids. The board says “nothing from nowhere.”
Then you see Adam playing cards. The box is on the table (in the pot for the card game), along with a watch, keys, magnifying glass, bottle of dark fluid, a white chrysanthemum, and a live rabbit. Adam has 336 in his hand. He wins, takes the box, and goes to leave, but the box falls apart in his hands You see that the two guys at the table have taken the real box.
It flashes to Dave at a café. He’s writing in a book (the one that comes with Clandestine) with the box on the table. A strange woman comes up, kisses him, steals the box. She leaves and he returns to writing. He realizes the box is gone and leaves.
It flashes to Jade walking into the classroom (the board says I’m no one at all), and through another door which leads to a house. He snoops through the house. Going upstairs, though dressers, etc. He goes into the bathroom, and the tub is filled with a black liquid. He reaches in and pulls out the box. You see a hand at the bathroom door (the lady form the cafe?) trying to open it. They unlock the door (with the keys from the card table). Jade jumps into the tub, and goes down into the water. He comes walking out of the water on a beach. He walks across the sand to a table where all the members are waiting. He puts the box on the table and they open it. End of film. You don’t see what is or isn’t in the box. Throughout the movie it flashes the clock, which for each person’s scene, is 3:33, and at the very end it’s 3:37.

Clandestine means something hidden or secret. Esoteric also means hidden.
“Miseria Cantare” is latin for “Sing the Sorrow”
3 x 37 = 111. 777 represents perfection, or God. In Transference, Dave wrote “I’m 111 less than perfection.” 777 - 111 = 666. (No, they’re not devil worshippers). Also, 3 denotes divine perfection, 7 denotes spiritual perfection.
In esoteric astrology, 336 represents physical death, and the events leading up to it. There were only 2 songs on the 336 disk. Some of the lyrics to one song says “We’re all now in dying days…I gave up fighting. I’ve come to these halos.
337 represents the act of reincarnation.

In Chinese astrology, Dave is a rabbit. He was born the year of the rabbit. Rabbits can’t be reincarnated. Rabbits are on their last life in this world and don’t have another chance.

In numerology, Dave’s life path is 3. In some middle Eastern philosophy, they say there’s 37 deeds you must do before you can reach nirvana, and be done in the wheel of life.
The whole cd goes in a circle. The sounds at the end are backwards. They end in the same beat/key as the cd’s beginning. It’s one continuous loop. The music before “This Time Imperfect” is the same played forward as it is backward. The front of the album has the symbol of falling leaves. Falling leaves represent death and returning to the earth. The back of the album has the symbol of water. Water represents rebirth. All of the art for the album has been in circles. Another symbol of things repeating, of reincarnation.
At the start of the film Hunter’s in the forest (leaves), and at the end they’re on a beach (water). The tub’s black fluid refers to “Bleed Black”, the chrysanthemum refers to “The great disappointment.”
Basically, the theme is death and reincarnation, and that Davey can’t reincarnate again.
Look at the song lyrics. Although each song as a whole isn’t about this, there are specific lines that relate to this theory. Examples: “discarnate.” “Nothing from nowhere, I’m no one at all.” Discarnate means being bodiless. Like floating in time and space. Essentially, being nowhere. Nothing.
There are other questions, like why are the leaving sone out of order? Since the cd is one big circle, it’s possible that Miseria Cantare isn’t really the beginning of the cd. At the end of Clandestine, there’s breathing, just like at the start of Bleed Black. So possibly the cd begins with Bleed Black. That would put that song as the beginning after Clandestine. The first word of the song are “I am exploring the inside. I Find it desolate.” So if it starts with Bleed Blach, the breathing could represent life (being born, perhaps?). That would put the song whose lyrics say “recreate me” and, “I know I died that night, and I’ll never be brought back to life once again.” So making Bleed Black the first song, and going full circle, it puts the leaving songs in order, ending with The Leaving Song, Pt. II.
Some people believe that Davey “dies” over the course of the cd. Some say Miseria Cantare would be the beginning. They say the “death occurs during “This time Imperfect. That’d make sense that Miseria Cantare would be the beginning. From nowhere. Bodiless…The comes the leaving song Pt. II, whose very first words say “Don’t waste your touch, you won’t feel anything. The Spanish in the song says: “Yo he estado aqua muchas veces antes y regreso” (I hace been here many times before and I return). “Y regreso aqua otra vez y comenzo” (So I return here once again and I begin).
Like being reborn the circle of birth and death and rebirth. “I saw it’s birth, I watched it grow…”
Also the fact that poem is rad in the 3 stages of life, like he’s aging though it.
There are also other small thins like “Rabbits are road kill”, and the sound of a vehicle accelerating through the rain at the beginning of Silver and Cold. There’s also a very small, very black out picture of what appears to be a truck, or a vehicle of some type in the book. Is this the meaning of Clandestine?


Everything is supposed to be a clue, the songs, Clandestine, even the music videos. I haven’t had a chance to take a close look at the Leaving Song Pt. II, or Girl’s not Grey yet, but I have found something in Silver And Cold.
Davey’s standing on a bridge, and looks like he’s going to jump. Whiles standing there he takes off some jewellery ad throws it in the water. He does this with his watch. This may be the same watch form the Clandestine Film. Maybe by throwing the watch into the water he’s symbolizing that he’s throwing away his last bit of time in life, since water is the sign of life. He also doesn’t jump into the water, possibly meaning he isn’t jumping back into life to start again.
Also at the end of the video, when the car smashes into the truck, it doesn’t show it, but it shows the reflection of the explosion in Davey’s eyes. This may explain the “Rabbits are road kill, and the blacked out picture of the truck. He may have foreseen his own death, or something of that extent, involving a truck. The truck killed him, a rabbit, making him “road kill.” The blacked out picture of the truck may represent what happens in a car crash. You bleed. The picture has been bled over (Bleed Black).
This little bit is pure speculation on my part. Take it for what it’s worth.

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