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08-06-2008, 07:23 PM
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I'm in the process of going roller to ice, so I can answer two of your questions from my experience. A bit of background, I am taking an ice power skating course, so that's one advantage ice has for me over roller. Though I have done roller longer than ice.

2 - I'm still working on stopping after almost a year playing. More often then not I find myself using turn stops, spin out, slalom, snow plow to stop/slow down.

There are also T-stops to slow down, but I've yet to do it in a game situation. YouTube "inline stop" and you'll see a bunch of videos of people demoing how to stop.

I wouldn't try doing a hockey stop on blades, unless you're feeling crazy (or you gain experience). I find it's more about turning into a stop, where ice is sliding to a stop. It's not the same, and you can't stop as quickly in roller.

I have seen guys in games (alot more agile than me) do power slides to stop.

3 - I find ice is easier to skate. There's alot of common skating skills (crossovers, stride, etc). But the things I can do on ice, like the hockey stop, means it's much easier to stop & go to react to the play.

That said, I still enjoy playing both.

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