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Originally Posted by There's only one 66 View Post
Its by no means restricted to Rangers fans, but wow is the tribalism off the charts on issues like this!

Rangers are plain not as good as Dallas. They weren't last year where Dallas did better in a much stronger conference with its best defender out half the season, and they are now with an improved team compared to a Rangers teams that seems decimated to most outsiders.

If he had gone on about how his teammates or coach were *******s or how the city of New York was overrated and populated by morons, then I could understand the anger.

As it is he said something so obvious as to be trivial, and everyone knows that he had no problem with Rangers and would gladly have stayed if you had showed the money. He didn't quit on Rangers or its fans. Rangers quit on him.

Btw. I think Avery is an *******, but for the life of me I cannot see what is even up for critique here.


Originally Posted by DevsOwnYou View Post
Yes I do! LOL.
You gotta admit Sean's popularity with rangers fans soared because of his eccentric antics.
His same antics would make him your fanbase's most hated foe if he would have signed with Philly, NYI or the Devils.
I am glad he is out of the Atlantic Division for sure.

I agree. Although I'm the exact kind of ***** that he is. So I've always enjoyed him, and players like him throughout the league. I like guys who are jerks. What can I say?

Originally Posted by Theoren Fan View Post
I think they're more shots at Glen Sather and Glen Sather's recently constructed NY Rangers then the city of NY and the fans of the Rangers.

He wanted to stay here, but he felt like he deserved more money... and doesn't think the money they could have spend on him, which instead went to Nas and Wade, was money well spend. This next part is pretty much just speculation, but I'm pretty sure he would have also liked NY to pay the $$ for Jagr and maybe even Shanny. Those are locker room guys he liked, and they're both gone.

So, with Avery being Avery, he made sure he basically went on record to tell Sather "ya know what, you low ball Jags so he leaves, you drop Shanny, you low ball me, and break the bank on two guys who's production level has dropped every year for the past few years?? **** you"

I can't really say I blame Aves for feelin' the way he does. If he's talkin' about what I said above, then it's really the same things we've been arguing about on here all summer long.... so what, he goes public with it? Big deal. I still like the guy.
Bingo again.

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