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Originally Posted by Haddock View Post
You make sense. Change the language with the second language and I'm fully on board. And mandarin is a lot more spoken than cantonese in China. Better start to work on it now. A friend of mine just spent a year in Beijing and can carry small conversations, but it's very hard.
True. Though I would have to think about Cantonese as I believe that is what is mostly spoken in places like Hong Kong no? Though yeah, Mandarin would probably be my first choice...assuming I ever get the hang of Japanese and French (so I can follow the Habs) first

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
So, where did you learn Japanese and/or have you ever lived in Japan? Don't know if you saw my earlier post, but I believe Japanese has taken over French for my "second language" (despite having gone through French Immersion from grade 2 until 12). I passed the Japanese Proficiency 2-級 last year (second try), and have started "studying" for level 1. But man, the kanji... the first 1500 were hard enough.
Actually my parents are Japanese so I went to Saturday Japanese schools as a kid all the way up to...err...grade 10 (English school wise)...unfortunately, being an idiot kid, I never really tried much to learn/retain Japanese so although technically I learned up to what a kid in Japan has learned up to grade 5ish or 6ish...I'm probably in the grade 3 level. Sad really. Course, considering how much I haven't used it since then, I'll need a bit of time just to get back up to grade 3 level let alone grade 5,6,7ish.
I haven't a clue where I would be in those standardized proficiency tests. I have a feeling you would probably higher than I am at this time. Actually I'm pretty sure of it since I don't think I even remember 500 kanji's at this time. It would mostly be a situation of "damn it, I knew it once, what the heck was that?".
I kick myself all the time for that.
Otherwise, nope, never lived in Japan. Though I have gone back a number of times, mostly for about a month when I was a kid/student. Don't have that luxury now though. Went back recently last November though for two weeks. Pretty nice

Originally Posted by SpreeEndaz View Post
Guh, so many people knowing japanese here, it's surprising. Do you have any tips on where I could learn it better than just read it books and how ? I can't really afford (on a time basis) to take courses but is there forums where they practice discussing in japanese and stuff like that?
Assuming you don't have the luxury of immersing yourself into the culture (i.e. go to Japan where there are no English speaking people) your choices are...
School : University or otherwise which you already said is a no go for you so...
Software: There are those language learning softwares though I haven't a clue how good they are. But assuming you can't take classes I can only assume this would be the best place to start, at least to get the basics.
Watch Japanese tv shows/anime with or without subtitles.
Read books/manga.
Play Japanese video games.
Assuming you got the basics, the Nintendo DS has some pretty good Kanji software/games.
Otherwise, there maybe something on the internet though I haven't looked myself.

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