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Originally Posted by boogieman99 View Post
montreal fans seem to be undervaluing beiksa a bit

the value is fair in this
Montréal fans undervalue Bieksa? Does it hurt your hometown pride? Tough. He isn't needed, so keep him. Maybe you can trade him to the Bruins. Do you know how to find their forum on HFBoards? They'd be willing to give up Schaefer or Axelsson.

Is Higgins Expendable ? Of course !! Some people here are talking like if he was the second coming of Lafleur or something... ... The guy is barely a second liner with 40-50 points average per season... THE MOST OVERRATED PLAYER OF THE HABS I'VE SEEN IN THE PAST 10 YEARS !!!!! Future captain and 70-80 points producer ?!?! He is an average second liner and depth player, but that's about it !!

Is Bieksa a good return ? Yes and No.
Yes, because he is a good young right handed offensive defensemen with lots of grit and aggressiveness.
No, because we don't know if he can come back to the level of play from 2 years ago, so it's a little bit risky...

Christopher Higgins: "I can score 40 goals" ............. Here to
Erika honey, we pray for your sake that you become more knowledgeable about hockey. You're a Kostitsyn fan, nothing more.

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