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06-16-2004, 06:53 AM
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I think that the owners are thinking

Originally Posted by Edge
And we'd be stuck with the same situation as the NBA. As soon as a you develop a kid and he hits that next level, he goes to another team in LA, NY or somewhere else.

Players change teams enough as it is, i think lowering the age only makes it worse.

Now I can understand maybe 28, but not 24 or 25. 28 at least gives them a full ten years potentially with the team.

You also have to remember something else, I think lowering the age would also make negotiating that much harder. Teams would would be throwing money at kids who showed even the slightest signs of life at the age of 21 or 22 in the hopes of securing them before an open market.

Having said that, kids don't usually hit their strides till 23-25. I just don't think the Edmonton's or the world could survive with guys becoming free at such a young age.
that the younger they become UFA's means that the market will flood itself of UFA's and when ever a market is flooded it becomes devauled. While 24-25 maybe to young, you're right I could see the age reduced to about 27-28

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