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08-08-2008, 04:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
In one of those 4 year events, the pros were throwing stuff out of the windows at their hotel. Not really the type of Ambassadors I think we should have representing the nation and our core values. What kind of roll models are they anyways? Oh, I forgot, they not hear to be role models to our kids. It just that our kids watch them day in and day out. I could be off base on this one.

Head Coach
I'm trying to find an article that I read years ago but I'm having no luck. It was a piece concerning the athletes village and what goes on inside it. It seemed to conclude that for the majority of athletes the olympics were one big party full of "light" drugs, some drinking of course, but because of the physiques of the athletes the village was basically one big sex house. As soon as an athletes event ended then the next weeks would turn into a huge chaotic party. Even before an event some athletes would partake in the partying. The article believed only a small percentage of athletes, the ones who knew they had a real shot at their competition, abstained from these hedonistic activities.

Couple things out of a window doesn't concern me too much, but then again I've never bought fully into the idea of hockey players being forced to be role models for kids.

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