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Originally Posted by squishy View Post
Jagr was willing to take $4m + bonuses (for targets similar to what his option year was tied to, not a ridiculous "10 games played earns me an extra $2m" bonus like Shanny had last year) but he wanted the security of a 2-year deal. Slats wouldn't budge. So Jagr left.

It wasn't about money. He was offered as much, if not more than he's getting in Omsk to play in Edmonton, but again, only for one year. Jagr wanted to know a team was committed to him, and that he wasn't going to have to go through this whole thing again next summer.

Ultimately, that Jagr's not in NY this season was Sather's decision, not Jagr's. He was more than willing to take a home town discount, he just wanted to know he'd have the same home town for more than a year if he did.

Don't think you can give someone a 2 year deal with bonuses. Has to be a one year deal, so I doubt that he was willing to take a one year, $4 mill deal with bonuses

It was ultimately both of their decisions. Sather obviously wasn't going to do everything it took to keep him, and Jagr obviously wasn't going to do everything it took to stay there.

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