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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
So it's OK for Olli to have floated out there, then? I mean, since Zednik hadn't scored a goal in 20 games prior to his being injured it makes Olli's streak OK? And who's giving Zednik any slack? He was popped just as hard on here as anyone else over that stretch. He missed almost 30 games and went down when he and the team was getting hot. How much did that play into everything?

I've not said much here about Bouw, but he was the one guy on the ice for every one of those late goals. He's also the first guy out of the zone on a turnover, meaning that when we got the puck back, there was noone there at the point. For our top defenseman, there were some obvious times when he was lacking as well.

Yes, lets blame the 24 year old star defenseman who led the nhl in ice time and some how managed only a -5 on one of the worst defensive teams in hockey. It's insanity to put any blame on a guy like him, guys like bouwmeester arent the problem in florida, its everyone else who is terrible guys like Peltonen,Dvorak,Stumpel you know the wortless guys keenan and JM brought in........... When Roberto was here it was his fault, Olli is getting blamed now, then throw Jay in the mix, and everyone wonders why they never make the playoffs, STOP TRADING THE BEST PLAYERS ON THE TEAM!! It's mildly simple but we all know what I think of the idiot running the ship here.

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