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Originally Posted by 39ontheline View Post
Yes, lets blame the 24 year old star defenseman who led the nhl in ice time and some how managed only a -5 on one of the worst defensive teams in hockey. It's insanity to put any blame on a guy like him, guys like bouwmeester arent the problem in florida, its everyone else who is terrible guys like Peltonen,Dvorak,Stumpel you know the wortless guys keenan and JM brought in........... When Roberto was here it was his fault, Olli is getting blamed now, then throw Jay in the mix, and everyone wonders why they never make the playoffs, STOP TRADING THE BEST PLAYERS ON THE TEAM!! It's mildly simple but we all know what I think of the idiot running the ship here.
Who laid the blame on Bouw? You missed the whole part where I said that everyone on the team has had blame laid on them. Was there not an article out that said somethign similiar to Bouw? Was Bouw not the one only one always out there?

It's Peltonen's fault? Dvorak's? I can see Stumpel, but the 3rd and 4th liners? They aren't depended upon to push this team into the playoffs, not like Olli, Horton, Weiss, Allen, or Bouw. I don't see Laraque as being the one blamed for the Pens not winning the Cup.

Sorry, when the star players are seen floating about when they're depended upon to puch this team into the playoffs more than the others, they get the finger pointed at them. That's the nature of the beast. I don't get how any of you guys can't see that. How was Olli's play OK with any of you? had he picked his play up, would we have made it? I don't know. Fact is, he certainly didn't help things.

You say facts are facts, well, the fact is that Olli floated out there and that attributed to the comments made by Sutter and Gillis as to why they didn't push hard to acquire him. Do any of you take that into account when talking about the trade? Or do you discount those comments, too?

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