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08-08-2008, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Good lord that so stupid. You know what, firefighter sleep when they at work aswell, they cook, they eat, play volleyball, take a shower etc..etc... they dont sit in their car with the uniform to save every seconds...
because you dont like what i have to say its stupid? They dont things to pass time, but they are still on the PAY clock. Its like some of you guys never had jobs or had to follow rules.

Dont be blinded because its habs related grafitti. They are public servants. I dont think he should have lost pay, but disciplined. If im at work in an office and my day is going by slowly, so i start painting habs logos on walls and windows instead of doing something that can be usefull i would be fired. And when the story would come out, they would say "wow, what a jackass"....not "what a hero!!" But because he is a fireman, we should neglect the fact that he is still at work.

And i know firemen, they cook and clean, play sports, but these are all things to stay loose, healthy, and active incase they have a call. Its preparation.

Anyways its useless argueing, no one will agree and i dont care that much anyways.

And someone mentioned the police because they wear hats, and is because they are protesting, not paying tribute to Calvin Klein.

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