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Originally Posted by Rattlehead View Post

if you eliminate pro players all that's left is college kids and beer leaguers. whats the point? why discriminate on a guy because the sport he/she excels at is more profitable?

if swimming had this big boom where athletes made loads of money to be the best at their sport, would that mean they should be ineligible too?

there is this ridiculous stigma attatched to pro players. why should they be punished and not allowed to compete in an event designed to showcase the best of the best, simply because they are truly the best? why should they be punished because people pay to see them be the best?
People have this construed notion of what the Olympics are. They are not a showcase of the best of the best. That venue is called the Stanley Cup finals. They choose to sign contracts and earn big bucks. Thats like saying why should a guy be punished for taking a wife. He should be allowed to get as much on hte side as he likes.

It is the best of the ameteurs, a means for nations and people to come together. Teams prior to the allowing of proffessional were hardly like watching adult pond hockey/beer leaguers. That is an absolute exaggeration.

. The pros dont even play full out. At least with the Jr age youngsters you watched teams and plaeyrs putting it all out there. You dont get that with the pros. Watch NCAA div I hockey and tell me it is less exciting than watching an NHL team. Every game for them is a play-off game. The pros dont turn it on till its crunch time.

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