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Originally Posted by Uwey View Post
Get off the glue Dude!!!

Lookit, centerman are not a premium with this, so Chipper is going to be needed in this lineup within the next year or two. Dumping our younger players is only a short term solution, so I say stay the course. With Koivu in his thirties & his health always being a question injury wise every season, methinks we better sit on the kids that are ready or just about ready to on the big team.

only next year or a 2?.....buddy are you kidding me?.....if not him who will be our 3rd line center?....smoke is gone and lapierre isn't as good as him deffensivly or offensivly

he's play the whole year now

Originally Posted by Jakomyte View Post
With our current roster:

Tanguay-Koivu-A. Kostitsyn
Higgins-Chipchura-S. Kostitsyn

With Sundin (or additional offensive center):

Tanguay-Koivu-A. Kostitsyn
Higgins-Plekanec-S. Kostitsyn
Begin/Kostopolous/Dandenault (someone has to go)

...and no *****ing about 'what? Koivu on the 1st, Sundin on the 2nd???'... the lines are in no particular order...
why would u want to split up the kovy, plecks and andrei line??

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