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Originally Posted by Thornton_19 View Post
No need. I completely disagreed with your ridiculous assessments and you brazen attempt to justify why Lidstrom can get away with being unnoticeable and effective, yet Sakic gets punished for being unnoticeable but extremely effective in your eyes.

Your spoken answer is because you consider different traits for position assets, but the real answer is because Lidstrom is Swedish and Sakic is Canadian. For all your proclamations of Canadian bias on this forum, you are always most absolutely Nationality biased poster on this forum, and even many of your fellow Swedes have proclaimed embarrassment over your bias.

I can barely count the times different Swedish posters have PM'ed me to assure me you are unique and that they are not biased like you.

I'm sure they have Like they would be ashamed to write that stuff in any given thread here instead

Lidström. Positioning is half his game, he cuts off passinglanes, shuts down counterattacks, makes crisp passes to set his team up for that ridiculous possession game they always use. He´s always right on top of the best player on the opposing team, taking him out of the game with smarts, not physique. His main goal is to prevent the other team from scoring, he is a defender.

Sakic. How often does he shut someone down? I saw him in one playoff run, in the role, that's it. I could buy in to this invisible stuff if he was a player in John Maddens mould. Then he would be doing his job if he was unnoticeable, if at the same time, they other teams superstar also was. Sakic is a star forward, and as such he should dominate the game more like other stars the last 15 years... Lindros, Jagr, Fedorov, Bure, Forsberg.

But he didn't.

And please, continue to make your thoughts on my mental status take up 50% of the space in posts, when you reply to something I've written.

Yeah I know, you'd have to be borderline ******** to not share your opinions on everything

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