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Originally Posted by WashJeffHockey19 View Post
Yea you make good points, and I thought about that too... to contradict myself a bit.

My point, as I'm sure you know and understood, was just that these are professionals, it's a business, and going into the UFA market, they really don't have much of a say (it's dependent on what the teams want) on if they can go to a place together. It's certainly more than likely that at least one team will be willing to go after both, but my overall point is they can't decide how the teams are willing to negotiate. This isn't directed at you, just my overall final cry, but this is business, they're grown men now, there have been plenty of players that have come into this league and I really do think it speaks a bit to their maturity level if they can't cut the cord and move on. (whether or not they do remains to be seen, but if they refuse, it seems a little gay, to speak like the teenagers).
first of all, they did both say on draft day that they didn't expect to be playing on the same team... they came into the NHL draft fully expecting to start their careers on two separate teams and it didn't seem like much of a concern for them at the time... obviously - like any pair of brothers would, twins or not - they are much happier playing together on the same team.

secondly, I'm not sure how you can question them wanting to play together as being unprofessional, or suggest that they don't have a say going into the UFA market... IMO it's the opposite... they have "earned" that say to stay together now, by hitting UFA status under the CBA. The same way that Scott Neidermayer "earned" the right to be able to play with his brother in Anaheim (which he said played a huge part in deciding to sign there).

The Sedins will have earned that right as UFA players to pick and choose where they want to play, and as such they can decide if the only options they want to look at are those teams that will sign them both (likely with NTC so they can't be split up after the fact either). This is not "unprofessional" ... it's realizing the right they have earned and using that to decide where they are comfortable playing... obviously for them, having played their entire lives on the same team (from peewee, to midget to juniors, to SEL, to WC, to NHL), a key part of any negotiation moving forward will be to continue being able to do so... nothing unprofessional about it, it's a right that they have earned.

Do you suggest it'd be unprofessional for players to have a NTC, or NMC? for a player to say that because he's American, he wants to play in the States (like Drury for example)... for a player to say that because his family resides in a specific area, he only wants to explore options with teams in that area (like Recchi for example).

I don't think that it's any different with the Sedins... their priority is playing on the same team... and considering that they have earned their UFA status to have that decision for themselves, there's nothing wrong with putting a priority on playing on the same team.

Basically, I completely disagree with your entire premise, that, as you said "my overall point is they can't decide how the teams are willing to negotiate." That's exactly what UFA rights give you. Just like it's Sundin's right not to sign a contract right now and make a decision if he wants to return first... just like it's Sakic's right to say he doesn't want to play anywhere else but Colorado... or even Yzerman's right - a BC born player - that said that he would never play in Canada because of the taxes... it's the Sedins' right now as UFAs to put priority where they feel it should be. If their priority is playing on the same team, and they are willing to sacrifice extra $$ that they could earn by selling their services to the highest bidder, even if they weren't on the same team, they have certainly earned that right.

For the record, I think they will re-sign in Vancouver. I believe their agent has already gone on record saying that they'd be looking for longterm deals at $5.5mill/yr each with the canucks. They've already made it clear that they'd be willing to take less than market value to remain in Vancouver... I can't see them not continuing their careers there.

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