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Originally Posted by WheresBarnaby View Post
Gotta disagree with you and Chosen on this one. I wouldn't leave a city I was so happy to be in for a few more bucks. I'm the type to take a pay cut so that I can actually be happy in my work. Personally I don't see a difference between 3 or 4 million a year, 40,000-50,000 sure, but once you get into the millions There is no difference, and that's my point. As a player I would want to play for a team that meant something, not just for a paycheck. Win a title in NY, and your a God. To most people waching sports you are living a dream, your not working in a cubicle. I don't understand the greed. Your already rich as soon as step on the ice practically - provided you play a few years of course. At the league mininum your a millionare in two freakin seasons!
I have no doubt that you are being truly sincere. However, once confronted with the situation in reality I also have no doubt that you would go for the money because by that point you would realize it is a business and that loyalty is only of relevance to fans, not to players or teams.

As a professional athlete you owe it to yourself and your family to extract as much money as possible from the game because your shelf life is anywhere from a few weeks to the extreme of 20 years. For most professional athletes, the time frame is much closer to 0 than 20. You would also have an agent telling you to get what you can and he would be right.

You would also no longer look at it from a viewpoint of being "rich and happy". Profesional athletes are driven to the max and part of that drive shows in their determination to earn what they feel they are worth in comparison to your peers. Remember also that you live with the reality of one injury away from having nothing. That is different than commuting to an ordinary job.

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