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08-11-2008, 10:24 AM
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Barnaby - some people are bigger risk-takers than you and I. Sometimes it works out for them, sometimes it doesn't. In professional sports, consider the players as nomads. Avery's not from New York and lived here only a year+ in his entire life. As such, he has little ties to the City and the organization. As Chosen points out, he needs to go where the money's at, and who knows, perhaps there wasn't a real offer in New York and thus he had to leave anyways. Personally, I've been in the same firm since January 1996. Each year I've made more than the prior year (except one year I had to take a temporary pay cut which served as a loan to the owner which was paid off within 15 months). Further, I've built something here and have known people here for years and my ties are to NYC. Most professionaly athletes aren't like that. As Chosen points out they have X years to make as much as possible since life after hockey isn't known, and when hockey ends isn't known. Heck, Brett Favre's in New York - that should say it all right there...

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