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08-11-2008, 10:15 PM
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Nike Bauer Supreme Comp Skates the same as One55's?

Hey all,
I stopped at a shop here in Edmonton, Alberta, and I picked these up thinking they were identical to the One55's. (Bottom Right last skate, "Nike Bauer Supreme Comp".

However, I went to my local sport chek and noticed some subtle differences.

1) The tongue on the One55 is black instead of grey, and maybe more velvet like?

2) The inside of these skates is grey, as where the One55's is a black, more velvety material.

3) The outsole on the Comps is the same as the one on the One95 (Texalium) as where the One55 is a composite material.

Does anyone know if there is really a difference between these skates and these minor changes? I'm not sure if it's better to get the One55's over these, albeit, they are pretty much the same skate outside of the above listed items as far as I can tell. I thought it was just a rebranded One55, but looks like there are some differences.

They are also the same price.

Cheers and Thanks!

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