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06-16-2004, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
But if someone is gonna sit there and fight for an opinion they gotta at least know what the hell they are talking about.

For the same reason I don't go into a doctor's office and argue with a trained doctor or why i don't go onto a football discussion and argue about Eli Manning.

If you haven't seen someone then how can you form an opinion one way or the other? That doesn't make sense.

And I don't mind people who say "I really like this kid though" or give reasons.

Take Melnyk and I for example. I'd say we disagree on 99% of the topics, but he has points.

I'm just personally getting sick of "You're insane" or "I read that he had a bad season" or "that's stupid" from people who clearly have no idea what they're talking about.

And sad to say 99% of the time you can see which posters are 14 or 15 and it can be completly annoying because you know you're not even trying to debate with an adult.

Me generation was worse than the one before and so on and so forth, but every generation seems to get snottier and more obnoxious. And in the past few months, more and more kids are finding these boards and it's starting to get out of hand.
You know what? I agree. I'm just about 18. I've taken trips to Europe because my father is in the business and needs to go abroad. I would consider myself VERY privelaged to see some of the things I've seen in this hockey world. And I think growing up in a family where I've had those privelages has helped me mature. People stop me on the street to talk to me and swear in in my 20s. It's sort of a good thing, I would say, when something like that happens.

I've been here for a few years now. And I totally agree with you in regards to the way the board has shifted. The debates used to be fact filled and not insulting and they have taken a complete nose-dive. It's unfortunate, because some people do give my age bracket a bad name. And honestly, it sickens me to see the way children treat eachother today. My four year old cousin has this stigma on his personality that he is a loser. It's a shame.

And you know what? It's not going to end any time soon. These kids growing up today are more vicious than ever before. I looked around my high school and saw 14 year old kids having sex and doing/saying things my class wouldn't have dreamed of at the same age. And there's only a 4 year difference!!

It's a shame. I guess I can say, however, that I'm finally out of that vicious arena and into something more productive. Here's to seeing where I turn up, however, in that area .

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