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06-16-2004, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
I think it has gotten worse personally. Obviously you grow and change and stuff but kids do stuff i never would have even dreamed of at their age.

School shootings went up in the 90's. Drug use went up, etc. etc. etc.

Parents let their kids do things today that my parents would have turned my butt red over.

My wife is a teacher and even she said in talking to older teachers that this country's values have changed. Schools in 2004 are very different from 1994, from 1984. It's not just people growing up,it's kids trying to grow up too soon.

I see 12 year old girls wearing stuff my parents would have locked my sister in her bedroom for.

I see kids who behave more like I was raised and they don't seem like the others, but those are becoming more and more rare.
Well, thats the baby boomers, they really started the heavy marketing towards the under 16 group when they found out just how much money there was in that market. Believe me, i work in the Film industry where they've been test screening & catering to teens for a solid 30 years now thanks in most part to George Lucas

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