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08-12-2008, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by DayWalk3r View Post
What are you basing that on exactly?
By that, then Forsberg would been runner up at least 2 times.
Both times when he won the playoffs in scoring without even playing the finals, it's not his fault the others on the team failed to deliver.

And if Forsberg hadn't played in the 2nd rond against the Kings in the 2000-01 playoffs the Avs wouldn't have gone any further. He was the leading scorer before the spleen accident, and against the Kings he had 8 points on the 12 goals Colorado scored in the first 6 games that series (He was also on the ice on 11 of them)

And most people seems to think that Forsberg's peak was the year he won the Hart.
I would say his peak was in the late 90's (~1997-99)
When I say Runner up, I meant that Sakic was the undisputed Smythe Runner up to Roy, who took it that year they won. With his game winning goals, and his team leading 26 points(Forsberg was on pace to tie that)

I am certainly aware of Forsberg leading scoring without winning, but not on cup winning years(Which is what I was referring to).

Sakic has proven himself every bit as clutch as Forsberg, and just as often overshadowed Forsberg's scoring as Peter did to him. Also, if you check closely, Sakic had the same amount of points as Forsberg at this point. More goals, less assists. At least according to the stats from hockey_summary_Project

Anyways, the point is moot. Bilros insists on flaming anyone and anything Canadian, and demeaning their accomlishments. I voted for Forsberg by a hair, but his silly aggravating posts on how inferior Sakic is to Forsberg when it so obviously a close decision grates on everyones nerves.

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