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06-16-2004, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Radek27
So just because I read about a player and not seen him means I can't give an opinion? What exactly is the point of these boards then? I only take opinions from credible sources like THN or whatnot.
Like Edge said, it's one thing to have an opinion of a player based on articles, stats, things we'd learned here at the board, etc. Opinions are what make the board great. You've just got to remember that your information has been filtered though someone elses bias. That SHOULDN'T prevent you from contributing however. Just be prepared to back up your opinion if you're going to state it.

The problem here, as we all know, are those who treat their opinion as gospel, no matter how it was formed. They love to go into personal attack mode when others don't share their opinion. Rather than learn something, they're here to stroke their ego. If you're disillusioned by this type of poster, I'd recommend you put them on ignore and save us ALL the headache of yet another urinating contest over a tired subject.

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