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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
There's been a Clover incident. My wife's away on business, so after supper, a bit after 7, I tell the 17 year old to walk the beagle, while I clean up the kitchen, water the flowers etc. As she leaves I tell her that I'll let her animals out and to put them in when she gets back.

I open the gate and the sheep and the duck come prancving out, but no Clover, I look in her stall, no, I check around back and there she is, stuck in the fence. She tried to trample over the page wire fence and somehow twisted a rear hoof in the wire. I couldn't find a way of freeing it without yanking and I was afraid of breaking or fracturing it. So, I run back in, get wire cutters and start cutting everything around the hoof, a nice chore when she's shaking and bucking.

I extricate her and she can't stand on the leg and she has a gahs on the inside of her leg.

What to do ? So, I run over to Mom's house and grab some bandages and Polysporin. Clover's standing there, hobbling on 3 legs and eating grass. I figure hat actually applying the stuff is a job for the young'un.

I see that the stall itself is a mess, needs fresh straw, and I figure if she's cut, I'd better start cleaning her environment. So, I shovel crap and sodden straw, a job that's never been mine, dump it, and go back to where Clover is and try and direct her bacvk around to the entrance.

BY then K. gets home and we pin her against a wall,[Clover, not K.] while the sheep just about flattens me, and we apply the gunk to her leg, which seems to have bled by the rubbing against the wire and isn't a deep cut. By now, she can put the hoof on the ground but with little weight.

K. spreads the clean straw, gives them fresh water, I go in and leave her to finish up, while I ponder how I ever left Greenfield Park to get involved in this stuff at this stage in my life.
We've drank beers together.. been to hockey games and footall games... we spend half our days reading on HF.

And yet.. I've never really asked:

"Why did you leave the south shore for Glengarry county Ontario?!"

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