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06-16-2004, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by BoltsnRags
Making the playoffs for long stretches does not make an elite team but winning a championship automatically makes you elite. The Bolts are now elite, 1 of 15 teams to have won a championship from the 40's / 50's and since 84, they are 1 of 10 teams to win a cup, what else has TB have to do to prove they belong? Just accept the fact that this team deserves to be the champ and it only took them 12 years to get it. Some older teams have been waiting 2, 3 and 4 times as long to win the Cup again. Something else to think about, in the last 2 years, the Bolts have beaten the Flyers 80% of the time.

I admit the Flyers win the series against the Bolts if any of these occur:
- At home your Captain was awesome but on the road the only sighting of him was on the back of the milk container. He scores on the road and you win the series. Kubina and Sydor shut his line down and no one else picked up the slack.

- Lack of penalty killing and this could have been much worse if refs would have called all the obstruction and holding that went on

- Power play produces a little more.

Please get over the goal / nongoal, there is no conclusive proof either way and this argument is just getting old. Even using a computer to create more controversey ABC could not show the puck went in. Not sure if I bye the injury argument either. BTW...not trolling just visiting and saw an opportunity to discuss. Good luck next year and plan on seeing the Bolts around for some time now that they have come of age.
I'll give TB "elite" status, but that does not mean they can't be beaten by the Flyers. See New Jersey.

The way Primeau was playing was built around the crowd. Obviously he couldn't do it on the road. However, you can't fault him for losing the series.

Special teams sucked, but that didn't make a huge difference. Injured did. People may think that is making excuses (which technically I guess it is) but you have to believe that if the Flyers were healthy they would have won. TB won by 1 goal in 7 games with a full squad and a good deal of the Flyers were either not playing or playing hurt (Johnsson, Markov, Esche, Recchi etc). Can't ignore that.

As for the goal, I believe it was in and think the TB championship was not legit. But I'm only upset with the league, not upset because TB won.

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