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08-12-2008, 11:49 PM
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Name: Steve
Age: 24
Favorite actor(ess): Daniel Day-Lewis
Favorite director: Robert Rodriguez, PT Anderson, Christopher Nolan
Favorite movies: There will be Blood, The Dark Knight, Rad (80's BMX epic!!)
Favorite types of movies: (type can be anything you really want it to be, not necessatily a genre) Depends on my mood, I watch everything really.
Favorite TV Show: House!!!!
Favorite type of music: The unprocessed kind
Favorite band/singer: The Mars Volta, At the Drive-in
Favorite song: Far too many to list
Favorite album: Frances the Mute
Favorite book: Perfume, 1984, Choke, On the Road
Favorite entertainment magazine: Dont have one
Favorite Radio Show: 102.1 the edge morning show
Concerts or other shows you've been to: The Mars Volta, System of a Down
People You've Met: I meet people daily
Things You have: (as in things that would be in an auction, or personalized things, rare memorbilia, autographs, etc. not like something you can buy at a common store) I've got nothing worth anything to anyone else but myself.
Anything You've been credited with: Creating the world...but I think that was a joke...

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