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08-13-2008, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by greekdrummer View Post
hi, i have been playing for exactly 1 year (started 101 last august) and i find rec pretty easy now, its not really difficult at all for me. but i dont think im ready for travel and my parents cant afford the $2,500 for the season anyway. im 14 so im a bantam. does anyone know what i can play lol. thank you
Well, making the travel team will depend you your current skill level. Rec hockey as you just mentioned, it the area where you can work on your skills and do them well.

So, let ask the real question.....

1. Can you skate backwards with speed?
2. The same speed as you can skate forward?
3. Can you crossover skating backwards from side to side while controlling the puck and not loosing control?

Because it you can't do these three things I just mentioned, and do them well. You are not ready to move up. These three things are not only for defensmen! They are for forwards as well.

What doing to happen in a game if one of your defensemen get hurt and the coach puts you back there. Can you do the job and do it well? If not, stay in Rec and work on the skills.

After 30+ years of coaching, I have yet to see a kid master these three things their first year. You might be super kid. But if you don't have these three things down pat, stay in Rec. Don't be in such a hurry to over look your skill development. Yes all kids want to score goals, that's where the fun is.

How's your body checking? How's your balance? If you can't control your balance and some kid plays the body on you and you don't now how to give or take a check, your bodies going to pay for it.

For what it worth!
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