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08-13-2008, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by copperandblue View Post
I don't normally post on other teams boards but being a fan of both Stoll and Greene I figured what the hell.

I see this as a tough trade to gauge from both sides. Vishnovsky obviously has the most luster out of the three guys but I really like the fit of Stoll and Greene in LA.

Greene is a meat and potatoes kind of player. He isn't going to wow anyone but I think he is exactly the type of guy you want somewhere on your blueline. His age fits nicely into the Kings current line up.

In the case of Stoll I think you guys picked up a real sleeper and if the 3.5 for 4 years is accurate I have no doubt that he will soon become a great bargain. Last year was a struggle for him which is well documented but he looked very much like the real deal in '05-'06. Then after a sluggish start in '06-'07 due to the cup run hang over he proved in my mind he wasn't a flash in the pan and leading up to when he got his concussion he was probably the Oilers best player.

I would would easily write off last season as the blip on the radar and not his 68 pt season. I think he simply struggled to regain his confidence from the concussion. Many players have had an off year after such an injury and rebounded fine from that point on. I would fully expect him to be a 60+ point player year in and year out in addition to his intagibles such as faceoffs and PKing. I see him as the quintessential 2nd line center.

I didn't want the Oilers to move him frankly and I still think they will end up regretting it. Vishnovsky is an intriguing player though, so when all is said and done maybe this is one of those trades where both teams look back on it and are both happy.

Just my two cents.

Thanks for your two cents

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