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08-14-2008, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Calgary Highlander View Post
I'm not sure I get it. Bouwmeester gets less points because he plays in a more offensive conference? J-Bo should be racking up tons of points... especially playing in the division he does.

Lol, I get the feeling you don't get many opportunities to watch many Flames games.

Phaneuf.. it's not even close. He's already been nominated for a Norris, scored 20 goals as a rookie, and his defensive game isn't nearly as bad as it used to be.
Well, its because of the division he doesn't get much points. I mean - Ovechkin, Staal, Kovalchuk, St. Louis, Vinny, Backstrom, Semin, etc. Plus he also plays other Eastern teams like Montreal and such more than the Flames do. I am not saying there isn't any talent in the West - far from it - just saying the East is more open than the west.

Now when you go up against the top players your job is to play defense - not score. He has to shut down - or prevent - the others from scoring. Plus like I said he was top 5 in goals for a dman so he does have offensive talent.

As for Flames game - not really I went by stats and the only Dman closest to playing the same time as Bowmy is Allen. He has 21 ATOI while Bowmy has 27, then it drops to Jassen Cullimore whose ATOI is about 17 min. Not really the best Dman support. As for Phaneuf - I looked at who he got support from and since I assumed since Erickson averaged 20 minutes or so and had 18 points that he was a good dman didn't know he sucked. My bad - stats fooled me.

But like I said - Phaneuf is good and I choose Bowmy by a hair since he doesn't have the same hockey market in FLA like there is in CLG so he isn't as noticed plus he doesn't exactly have a playoff team. I choose him since if he was on a better team with more support and had a reliable Dman to support him he could do better.

Originally Posted by SK13 View Post
Regehr had Sarich, Regehr and Aucoin. Erikkson was the worst defenceman on that team by a country mile. Bouwmeester had little support and had to shut down the toughest opposition whilst Phaneuf got butter minutes in the second pairing, being sheltered from.
LOL - again my bad when I looked at the stats 20 ATOI and 18 points in 65 games didn't look bad. But I was fooled.

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