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Originally Posted by mikedifr View Post
3) I have the stats to prove that McNabb has beat up on all the crappy teams over his whole career and against the tougher teams is below .500, I will post them again if needed but you guys can go back and look through last year's thread to see them. Taking the TO year as an example, we beat 1 or 2 teams with winning records and everyone in our division was beyond dreadful that year. Take a look at his stats in those NFC championships and the Superbowl (boy did he choke in that one)
Everyone beats up on the crappy teams and struggles against the good teams...that's why crappy teams have crappy records...and good teams have good records. This is along the arguments of complaining about baseball teams struggling against good pitchers...that's why they're good pitchers.

4) As for the receiver comment, I will give everyone Indy, although I dont remember Harrison being very good in those playoffs. They won with the running game if I remember correctly. NE, other than last year where they didnt win, they have had mediocre at best wide receivers other than Branch who is good, not great.
Because everyone and their mother was so damn scared of their receivers that they backed off the line of scrimmage and basically gave them 4 yards every time they handed the ball off uncontested...and beyond Harrison, you have Reggie Wayne who would be a no. 1 on 80% of the leagues teams.

I think the point you really need to dwell on in discussing the Eagles is that it's hard to have great success at a highly competitive level (aka against good teams) if you're running a pass happy offense without a very good receiver (thus why the Eagles should have been running the ball more all these years).

5) The receivers looked fine when Garcia was the QB
You act like the Eagles haven't won...and haven't scored a fair number of points in years with McNabb...

6) McNabb in many seasons, other than last year where he was recovering from injury would start off and have 4-5 huge games and then be average the rest of the season, not to mention how many interceptions at inoportune times he throws and then goes walking off the field laughing...
Same goes for most QBs...the fact that McNabb is among the leaders in % of games with a rating above 80 in his tenure should give pause to your belief that there is a large pool of someone better out there. You bring up Garcia...what the hell has he ever won?

The problem with your statistical breakdown of McNabb is that you treat him in a vacuum and don't compare him against the rest of the league. You also devolve everything about the team onto him alone at some level. If you want to draw a true analysis of how good McNabb is you can't sit there and simply focus on what he does need to look around.

So, I would suggest putting yourself in the shoes of other fans around the league for a few moments and then ponder how poor the QB play of McNabb has really been. The list of QBs you'd rather have is much smaller than you think.

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