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Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
So out of roughly 400 olympic events across 35 sports, the debate really comes down to complaints about players in no more than 2-4 sports. And we should slam the Olympic door on thousands upon thousands of other athletes because a few overpaid NHL and NBA stars give less than their all?

I remember the 80's before pros were allowed. I remember the stupid debates about whether guys like Scott Hamilton or Brian Boitano should perform in international shows or forgo 4 years worth of salary just to be allowed to compete in the Olympics again. I remember marvelling at the stupidity of what the gold medal represented--"Congratulations, you are the strongest/fastest/best athlete in your sport in the entire world.......except, of course, for the dozens or hundreds of athletes around the world who are all totally better than you, but actually get a check for what you do."
Slamming the door on thousands of other athletes because of a few NHL or NBA players. That's the point!

When I was growing up, and you made the Olympic team, it gave you the chance to make it into the pro's. It was a spring board to get you looked at. Now as days, that just doesn't happen because the pro's have your spot on the team.

Some one wrote earlier in this thread...This is what the "world juniors" is for. Yeah, but back then, they didn't use the world juniors for that. And if I am not mistaken, there wasn't even a "World Juniors". Back then it was the Olympics.

Back then, the Olympics gave each country the opportunity to show case their athletic talent. Then if you got some where and you got a metal, then you got endorsements for your hard work. It wasn't a get endorsements first, then go for gold, back then.

Back when they OSC started think about this, it was probably because someone (country) said...The Russians are using prooooo's! So what! No we don't want this Miracle team, we just want to give the players the chance to play for their country and the gold. Heck why the pro? He can buy the gold! Their the ones with deep pockets.

Ok, so if y'all want pro's, then lets make everyone pro's. You're not allowed to play in the Olympics if you are not a pro. Don't even think about trying to stick your foot in the door if you are not a pro.

"So, you guy, ya, you!" The one with Ping pong paddle, you can't come because you don't have a pro league to play in. So stay home!

You, the high jump guy. Because you don't have a pro league for high jump....stay home! The Olympics are only for pro's!

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