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08-16-2008, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by socraticirony View Post
It's baffling to me just how ungrateful some Eagles fans are. I actually don't even like associating myself with them sometimes.

Whatever. Fans, even the ******* ones, owe a HEALTHY McNabb this season to see if he can make it back to being a top-tier NFL QB. If he falters, he'll be cut, the regime will stay the same, and the Kevin Kolb era will begin.
I think it's likely he's reached the point in his career where if Kolb is ready they should give serious thought to him, simply because football players definitely turn the corner with accumulated injuries and susceptibility. However, as a 'Skins fan living in Philly, it's been depressing to watch the antagonism towards McNabb and knowing that the same stuff is going on with the teams I do follow (Flyers/Phils).

If one wants to see a horror show at the QB position...look no further than what has been going on in DC. Hell, even when they have a competent and effective QB (Brad Johnson, for example) they do things like can him for a shiny new toy (Jeff George -- I protested that season and rooted for the Eagles I was so disgusted).

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