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08-16-2008, 05:36 PM
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Vapor XXXX Skate Q

I just switched from the CCM Vector 10 that I'd used for a couple of years to the NBH XXXX's. Every time I get on the ice I feel like there's something wrong; I've never had edges that seemed so awkward. I'm a fluent skater; I've played for 17 years and the question isn't my skating (playing DIII college), but so far the problem seems to be mostly with my right inside edge, but the left doesn't feel much better. The outside edges seem OK, but overall I wouldn't say the blades feel good at all. When I first get on the ice, everything feels terrible; crossing over or even just accelerating, I feel like my feet just slide. After I get used to it for a bit the problem is that I really can't put 100% into crossovers, going in either direction. If I skate around the net at about 80% speed my balance feels as tentative as if I was in a dead sprint going around the net. If I try skating at 100% I lose my edge without fail. This is a big problem right now because the new season starts just a couple of weeks into the semester.

My question is what is causing this? I know the XXXX's are a well liked skate and I love the feel on my foot, but if something doesn't change I'm going to replace the blades and runners. What I'm wondering is:

a.) Do the XXXX's have known blade issues that I overlooked?

b.) Bad sharpening? I mean, we're talking awful... like, the guy maybe forgot to do the inside edges. I've only skated in them three times and they've only been sharpened once.

c.) Could it just be that the steel is longer on the XXXX's than what I'm so used to?

d.) Maybe the guy sharpened them at a different hollow than I'm used to?

I don't know what the case is but the whole time I've been trying to break these bad boys in it's been embarrassing; I've been skating my whole life and with these skates I feel like I'm just learning to. It's maddening carrying the puck around the net, looking up ice for the pass and just having your feet slide out from under you over and over again. Any suggestions or opinions on what the heck's up?

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