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08-16-2008, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Delorme View Post
Go find a shop that you trust with your skates and ask them to go over whether your edges are square (hard to gauge with just your eye). If you came from CCM's stock holder to the Lightspeed's, the balance is different as well as the LS' put you more on your heels relative to CCM's E-Pros.

I am going from E-Pros to LS, but this is more than just what I would call an "adjustment". It's more like a handicap; I feel like I've lost 15 years of my skating experience and am a novice skater still getting comfortable on the ice. Going into my fourth year of college hockey, I would say my game's greatest strength is probably my skating and I'm probably the best skater on my team. Most of my game relies on my speed and ability to take my turns tighter than other players and continue my crossovers at extreme speeds. If I don't get this sorted out I will look like the worst skater on the squad next month. Obviously going from the CCM V10.0's to the XXXX's there's the possibility that it's a difference in the runner/steel, but having played for my whole life this is easily the 10th time I've switched skates and I've never imagined, let alone heard of, such a drastic change, if it actually has to do with the make of the skate and not some kind of error on the sharpener's part (I can't imagine the problem is with the skates/my skating). I bought the skates at a reliable local pro-shop, but not the rink that I usually play at (which is also where I usually get my skates sharpened). They give you a free sharpening with the purchase of new skates though, so I had the guy at that rink do them. It's seeming more and more like a mistake now; I swear it feels like he didn't do the inside edges.

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