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MLD #9 Drafting Thread

Welcome to the Minor League Draft #9. The draft will last 16 rounds, with each team drafting 24 roster spots. Starting in Round 9, GM's will draft 2 players at a time. Each team MUST draft 12 forwards, 6 defensemen, 2 goalies and a head coach and 3 extras of the GM's choosing. Any player who was not drafted in ATD#9 is available to be picked.

Trades can be made however the following rules apply, you must trade EQUAL assets (i.e. a pick for a pick, a player for a player, a pick for a player etc, no 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 deals as roster sizes must all be equal). Also, your window to trade elapses as soon as you're on the clock to make a selection (i.e you can't wait around for a deal to come while you're on the clock).

The clock will be fast, four hours per selection, so if you're unlikely to be around for an extended period of time, please send a list to someone else who can make your selection for you. Please also make sure you send a PM to the next GM after you have made your selection.

Link to ATD #9:

ATD #9

The GM's
Transplanted Caper - Peterborough Petes
God Bless Canada - Humboldt Indians
seventieslord - Regina Capitals
pitseleh + Wisent - Bergen Flyers
vancityluongo - Vancouver Giants
chaosrevolver and natethegreat - Belleville Bulls
shawnmullin - Rossland Warriors
camperjr - Kelowna Rockets

Round One

1. Bergen Flyers - Victor Kuzkin, D.
2. Kelowna Rockets - Garnet "Ace" Bailey, F.
3. Humboldt Indians - "Captain" Kirk MacLean, G.
4. Peterborough Petes - Herb Cain, LW.
5. Rossland Warriors - Blaine Stoughton, RW.
6. Belleville Bulls - Tommy Smith, C.
7. Regina Capitals - "Peerless" Percy Lesueur, G.
8. Vancouver Giants - Goldie Prodgers, F/D

Round Two
9. Vancouver Giants - Boris Mayorov, LW
10. Regina Capitals - Bill Guerin,RW.
11. Belleville Bulls - Wilf Cude, G.
12. Rossland Warriors - Seth Martin, G
13. Peterborough Petes - Paul Ronty, C.
14. Humboldt Indians - Ziggy Palffy, RW
15. Kelowna Rockets - Mike Palmateer, G.
16. Bergen Flyers Milan Novy, C.

Round Three
17. Bergen Flyers - Ernie Russel, C/LW
18. Kelowna RocketsMike Green, D.
19. Humboldt Indians - Billy Taylor, C.
20. Peterborough Petes - Frank "Moose" Goheen, D.
21. Rossland Warriors - Adam Deadmarsh, F.
22. Belleville Bulls - Corb Denneny, RW
23. Regina Capitals - Dennis Maruk C/LW
24. Vancouver Giants - Frantisek Tikal, D.

Round Four
25. Vancouver Giants - Pavol Demitra, C/RW
26. Regina Capitals - Dickie Boon, F.
27. Belleville Bulls - Al Arbour, D.
28. Rossland Warriors - Eric Staal, C.
29. Peterborough Petes - Harry Trihey, C.
30. Humboldt Indians - Dave Manson,D.
31. Kelowna Rockets Harry Oliver, C.
32. Bergen Flyers - Oldrich Machac, D

Round Five
33. Bergen Flyers Yevgeny Babich, RW
34. Kelowna Rockets Rick Nash, LW
35. Humboldt Indians Marc Tardif, LW
36. Peterborough Petes Anton Stastny, LW
37. Rossland Warriors - Dick Redmond, D.
38. Belleville Bulls - Smokey Harris, LW
39. Regina Capitals - Josef Malecek
40. Vancouver Giants - Rollie Melanson, G.

Round Six
41. Vancouver Giants -Cliff Ronning, C.
42. Regina Capitals - Todd Bertuzzi, LW/RW
43. Belleville Bulls - Ed Olczyk,C
44. Rossland Warriors - Steve Payne, LW
45. Peterborough Petes - Johnny Mowers, G.
46. Humboldt Indians - Rick Green, D.
47. Kelowna Rockets - Steve Konowalchuk, LW
48. Bergen Flyers Yuri Fedorov, D.

Round Seven
49. Bergen Flyers Art Duncan, D.
50. Kelowna Rockets - Robyn Regehr, D.
51. Humboldt Indians - Dennis Hextall, LW
52. Peterborough Petes - Yevgeny Paladiev, D.
53. Rossland Warriors - Dan Boyle, D
54. Belleville Bulls - Don Lever, LW
55. Regina Capitals Jeff Beukeboom, D.
56. Vancouver Giants - Andre Lacroix, C.

Round Eight
57. Vancouver Giants Joe Jerwa, D.
58. Regina Capitals - Bob Murray, D.
59. Belleville Bulls - Alex Tanguay, LW
60. Rossland Warriors - Joe Benoit, RW
61. Peterborough Petes - Marian Stastny, RW
62. Humboldt Indians - Darryl Sydor, D.
63. Kelowna Rockets - Carl Voss, C.
64. Bergen Flyers - Vladamir Zabrodsky, C.

Round Nine
65. Bergen Flyers - Martin Straka, LW and Sergei Kapustin, LW
66. Kelowna Rockets - Corey Perry, RW and Patrice Brisebois, D.
67. Humboldt Indians - Rejean Houle RW and Lorne Carr, RW
68. Peterborough Petes - Jeff Brown, D. and Ron Stewart, C.
69. Rossland Warriors - Cesare Maniago, G and Greg Adams, LW
70. Belleville Bulls - Uwe Krupp, D. and Mush Marsh, RW
71. Regina Capitals - Rusty Crawford, LW and Art Ross, Coach
72. Vancouver Giants - Brian Kilrea, Coach and Tomas Gradin, C.

Round Ten
73. Vancouver Giants - Yevgeny Mayorov, LW and Ulf Dahlen, RW
74. Regina Capitals - Scott Young, RW and Paul Shmyr, D.
75. Belleville Bulls - Marty Burke, D. and Gord Fraser, D.
76. Rossland Warriors - Bobby Kromm, C and Bobby Kromm, Coach
77. Peterborough Petes - Wally Hergesheimer, RW and Mike O'Connell, D.
78. Humboldt Indians - Syl Apps Jr, C and Don Sweeney, D.
79. Kelowna Rockets - Reggie Flemming, LW and Tony Amonte, RW
80. Bergen Flyers - Don Edwards, G and "Sugar" Jim Henry, G.

Round Eleven
81. Bergen Flyers - Frank Boucher, Coach and Brian Rolston, RW/LW
82. Kelowna Rockets - John Muckler, Coach and Mika Stromberg, D.
83. Humboldt Indians - Dave Gagner, C and John Wensink, LW
84. Peterborough Petes - Mike Grier, RW and Jason Arnott, C.
85. Rossland Warriors - John McReedy, RW and Shawn Horcoff, C.
86. Belleville Bulls - Kelly Kisio, C and Phat Wilson, D.
86. Regina Capitals - Rick Meagher, C and Alf Skinner, RW
88. Vancouver Giants - Laurie Boschman, C and Richard Brodeur, G.

Round Twelve
89. Vancouver Giants - Al MacAdam, RW and Doug Brown, RW
90. Regina Capitals - Bobby Rowe, D and Darryl Sutter, LW
91. Belleville Bulls - Randy Carlyle, Coach and Mark Napier, RW
92. Rossland Warriors - Darryl Sly, D and Bill Flett, RW.
93. Peterborough Petes - Rudy Pilous Coach and Bert Lindsey, G.
94. Humboldt Indians - Tom Johnson, Coach and Jay Bouwmeester, D.
95. Kelowna Rockets - Craig Conroy, C and Ryan Getzlaf, C.
96. Bergen Flyers - Vyacheslav Anisin, C and Jaroslav Jirik,RW

Round Thirteen
97. Bergen Flyers - Billy Reay, C and Bert Marshell, D.
98. Kelowna Rockets - Felix Potvin, G and Ted Crowley, D.
99. Humboldt Indians - Dallas Drake, RW and Marty Turco,G.
100. Peterborough Petes - Dave Maloney, D, and Dimitri Yuskevich, D.
101. Rossland Warriors - Travis Green, C and Barrett Jackman, D.
102. Belleville Bulls -Ethan Moreau, LW and Stephane Yelle, C.
103. Regina Capitals - Patrick Sundstrom C/LW and Bruce MacGregor, C.
104. Vancouver Giants - Lee Fogolin Jr, D. and Dana Murzyn, D.

Round Fourteen
105. Vancouver Giants - Morris Lukowich, LW and Nick Libett, LW
106. Regina Capitals - Howard McNnamara, D and Jimmy Peters Sr, RW.
107. Belleville Bulls - Jocelyn Guevremont, D and Leroy Goldsworthy, RW
108. Rossland Warriors - Mike Buckna, Assistant Coach and Steve Bozek, LW
109. Peterborough Petes - Bill Juzda, D and Marion Gaborik, RW
110. Humboldt Indians - Dave Reid, LW and John Van Boxmeer, D
111. Kelowna Rockets - Shawn Antoski, LW and Tie Domi, RW
112. Bergen Flyers - Jim McKenny, D and Yuri Lebedev, LW

Round Fifteen
113. Bergen Flyers - Udo Kiessling, D and Claude Larose, RW
114. Kelowna Rockets - Pat Quinn, D and Brian Campbell, D.
115. Humboldt Indians - Mike Richards, C and Harold Snepsts
116. Peterborough Petes - Shawn Burr, LW and Rich Sutter, RW
117. Rossland Warriors - Jack Lancien, D and Steve McCarthy, D.
118. Belleville Bulls - Arturs Irbe, G and Guy Carbonneau, Assistant Coach
119. Regina Capitals -Henrik Lundqvist, G and Alex Shibicky, RW
120. Vancouver Giants Phil Esposito, Assistant Coach and Dwight McMillan, Assistant Coach

Round Sixteen
121. Vancouver Giants - Doug Young, D and Leo Reise Jr, D.
122. Regina Capitals - Alan "Eagle Eye" Cameron, D. and Mike Krushelnyski.
123. Belleville Bulls - Saku Koivu, C and Gord Lane, D.
124. Rossland Warriors - Harry Smith, D and Steve Tambellini, C.
125. Peterborough Petes - Darcy Tucker LW/RW and Dick Todd, Assistant Coach
126. Humboldt Indians - Herb Carnegie, C and Ernie MacLean, Assistant Coach
127. Kelowna Rockets - Jordan Staal, C and Vesa Toskala, G.
128. Bergen Flyers -Jaroslav Holik, C and Vladimir Vikulov, RW

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