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Originally Posted by Delorme View Post
Z, the fact that you think it's possible to not do the inside edges suggests that some of the posters may be a little more knowledgeable about skates than you, so heed the advice.

I can only stress that it isn't just a "possibility" that there's a difference in the runners. There IS a difference in the setups between LS holders and E-Pro holders. They will throw off most everyone, and if you don't feel like adjust (as most people including myself wouldn't), then bring your new skates in with your old ones and ask for a re-profiling so that they match up.

Again, ask the sharpener to pull out the square to verify that you have even edges. Sharpenings definitely do an inside and outside edge, but there is the possibility that they're uneven. Don't discount the effect of a new profile and pitch either that we outlined above.
I never insinuated that I wouldn't be heeding the advice or that I knew more about skates than anybody, did I? I came here to ask because I don't know that much about skates; I know HOW to skate. I know a lot about playing, but I can't tell you all that much about the technical aspects of different pieces of equipment. I'm not surprised that there is a big difference between the E-pro and the LS, but I'll narrow this down to a more simple question now, based on all the information I have received so far:

Is that difference big enough that, keeping in mind that I have switched skates plenty of times in the past, I should feel like something is truly wrong with the steel right now? I fully intend on having them checked out to see if the hollow is un-even, because, while I don't know much about that, it sounds kind of like what I'm experiencing. It feels like one edge is touching on the right foot and the other isn't at all. Perhaps I have a poor sharpening combined with an adjustment period? I don't doubt that that would be enough to throw somebody this badly. All I'm trying to say is that, open as I am to the fact that I'm not qualified to give out advice on this kind of stuff, my gut tells me that this is not the normal adjustment; I might be a rookie when it comes to knowing *about* skates, but I'm as far from it as possible when it comes to knowing how my skates feel.

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