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Originally Posted by Zetsyuk40 View Post
Is that difference big enough that, keeping in mind that I have switched skates plenty of times in the past, I should feel like something is truly wrong with the steel right now? I fully intend on having them checked out to see if the hollow is un-even, because, while I don't know much about that, it sounds kind of like what I'm experiencing. It feels like one edge is touching on the right foot and the other isn't at all. Perhaps I have a poor sharpening combined with an adjustment period? I don't doubt that that would be enough to throw somebody this badly. All I'm trying to say is that, open as I am to the fact that I'm not qualified to give out advice on this kind of stuff, my gut tells me that this is not the normal adjustment; I might be a rookie when it comes to knowing *about* skates, but I'm as far from it as possible when it comes to knowing how my skates feel.
The answer is yes. You can feel all out of whack trying to transition between different skate holders. Not a pissing match, but it is important to know about skate feel and skates themselves.

But just a checklist for you to over:
- even, square edges?
- holder pitch and radius?
- mis-aligned/mis-mounted holders?

Added that last one as it does occur from time to time that the manufacturer does an awful job of mounting holders correct so that they might be too far inside or outside than is tolerable. Would be good to take a close look -- sometimes the bad alignments are obvious.

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