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08-17-2008, 09:32 PM
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Vapor XXX Skate Q

An inexperienced sharpening attendant, or one in a big rush with little concern for doing the job right can easily screw it up. . . . . . especially with out of the box new skates. These typically take extra grinding due to the rather lax tolerances on skate blade mass producion. The brand and model of the skate is of minor concern.

It is very likely that a poor initial skate sharpening plus an unfamiliar or poor blade profile both contributed to your situation.
My suggestion is to get them sharpened and profiled correctly at a reliable and professional shop.
If you were my client, it would speed up the process if you knew which hollow you prefer etc etc however, with no input from you, we would have to work out your optimal profile & hollow over three to four ice sessions . . . where based upon your feedback to me, adjustments are made until you achieve that special perfect feel on the ice.
The Vapor XXXX do not have issues regarding the blades, unlike their cousin the 'Vapor XXX goalie skate' where the blades easily bend.
Switching skates, then getting them sharpened by the same guy as last time may just yield the same results. . . . not the answer!
Find a good sharpener, and don't be shy in discussing what your skates feel like on the ice, or how you might want them changed.

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