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Originally Posted by PruBlue25 View Post
In soccer, most teams send all younger players. Not necessarily players who aren't professionals as all of the players belong to some team, however, they are all young players. For example, Italy didn't send one player born after 1985. Argentina sent two players born after 1985 (one in 84 and one in 78). Netherlands sent three players born after 1985. The United States sent three players who were born after 1985, who of which were born in 84. Brazil has two players born after 1985 (one in 84 and one in 80).

So what's the point? In soccer, they could turn this into a mini-world cup if they wanted to, but they don't. They send a few older players, but mainly all players under a certain age (23 or 24). I wouldn't see why that would be a bad idea for hockey as well. Sure send pros, but have them be possibly under 25. Not only is it interesting to see all young guys, but it also allows the NHL for example to showcase all of it's up and comers which would be quite interesting. Instead, they pretty much turn the Olympics into a bigger deal than the Cup finals. They also pretty much makes the whole World Cup idea pointless.
It is actually part of the rule/agreement the football/soccer agencies have. Each national team can have up to three "professional" players!

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